Harness the energy of change

My new book “The Almanac of Self-development: 33 Approaches for all Areas of Modern Human Life. How to Become Above 100% of Who You Can Be“, attempts to capture your imagination and aspirations and direct them towards action that will lead to sustainable change upon which new areas of your personal growth can be built. To ask questions and get valuable insights from the dedicated GPT please click this link.

Many books have been written on the topic of self-development with plenty of good advice. Also, there has been real-world scientific research undertaken resulting in a better understanding of how humans behave, act, and adapt when change is necessary. There are areas of the ‘human struggle’ that have been documenting for over a century what methods and techniques work. We humans are creatures of habit.

33 Approaches for all Areas of Modern Human Life

Creating habits and daily routines that move you closer to your vision is key to a fast and stable path toward achieving your goals.

I have consumed hundreds upon hundreds of books in search of an answer. From what I have seen, many books repeat the same information, some have one or two original ideas, and there are also books that are based on unique research, experience, and expertise that can offer a glimpse of a potentially life-changing path.

What have I learned from trying to accommodate the various different types of techniques, methods, practices, and more? Well, the first thing to mention is the observation that we’re all different yet we are very much the same. This means that even though some methods might need different approaches for some people, most techniques will work for everyone if applied properly. The second thing relevant here is that we all individually need to learn more about our individual circumstances, our own habits, mindsets, and preferences (how and who we are as an individual and who we are as a species). Also, gain a functioning overview of our accumulated knowledge in the areas that are relevant (i.e. broaden your understanding of the concepts touched upon in this book and keep on learning). The third thing I have learned to understand is the necessity of being a methodical, methodological, strategic, and resourceful visionary (for the service and benefit of your own life, your social circle, and the broader society as a whole).

Timeless Tips for Thriving Through Tough Times

There are no easy single-use fixes, the situation is ever-changing and in order for you to steady the ship on the desired course requires you to act as the captain of your ship (you need to strive to be on top of everything at all times without fail). This becomes even more true with the exponential advent of AI, AGI, and Superhuman Artificial Intelligence. Humanity is entering a phase where the path and the journey are not clear. We all need to become skilled captains of our own ships in order to safeguard a chance to succeed and thrive as we proceed.

Harness the energy of change

The following is a collection of various time-tested approaches that I have found to be very useful in my own aspirations and you may choose the order in which you will work with the material in this book. You may wish to jump around the sections. I would encourage you to go directly to what catches your eye/imagination. The key is having a vision, gathering useful information, and acting upon it strategically. To create the desired change, you’ll need to stick to key routines, make these routines into automated behaviors, and then revise, reassess, plan, and act again.

Everything in the universe is in a flux of change and yet human brains have evolved to seek the illusion of certainty, predictability, stability and to maintain a status quo. This is mainly because the brain cannot anticipate the unknown and it takes a lot of effort and energy to keep up and adjust to a constantly changing environment. Your brain needs to create new connections, and this is not an easy task in adult brains. There are ways in which this can be tackled with. Adopt a ‘change mindset’ where you accept that change is affecting everything at all times. To adapt and thrive in a constantly changing environment is a skill. And as any other skill, everyone can become good at it through the right practice and dedication. It requires constant effort, and this can be sustainably maintained only when one has the ‘mindset of change’ and is constantly striving for learning and improving.

Change is inevitable, change is reality, and change is energy. Harness the energy of change.

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