About Me

my name is Juraj aka ‘George’. I am a nice guy and a great TEFL teacher. I have lived, worked and I also have been studying in the UK since 2004. I have been teaching English language as a certified TEFL teacher since 2021. I consider English to be my second language. I have acquired a vast range of formal qualifications and training courses in the United Kingdom. Ranging from university diplomas to teacher certificates, my English language skills are more than proficient in a number of fields.

I have a broader range of interests, skills, and knowledge all of which allows for very conversational lessons, which are bursting with the potential to teach you new terms, expressions, grammar and create new neural connections to achieve better English language proficiency. Who better to help you improve your English language skills than a person who went through the journey themselves and so knows all the “ins and outs” and also all the smart little tricks, tools, and shortcuts that will help you to get your English skills to the level where you want them to be.

I also advise professionals and businesses with the creation of English training strategies that lead to improving and empowering their employees and boost their business operations. You can learn more about what English language training can do for your company in my book:

Empower Your Business with English: 50 Reasons Why English Language Training is Essential for Your Success“.

During my 20 years in the UK I have lived in London – England, Cardiff – Wales, Ireland and currently I live, work, and study in the capital of Scotland – Edinburgh, UK. My complex and rich experience of the nuanced sides of life in the various parts of the British isles makes me a great source of information on what life is like in contemporary Britain.

As an English language trainer/educator, I ground my practices in the Level 5 Teaching English as a Foreign Language education gained in 2021. This course has prepared me rather well for the teaching of private and business individuals in all kinds of areas of the English language online and in person.

Classes with my students are benefitting from all of my training, education, skills and ever-expanding wealth of experience that I have on top of the decades of education in media, business, technology, health, nutrition, self-improvement, and strategic/systems thinking.

I am passionate about teaching and business consulting as I always enjoyed the idea of helping others to progress and improve.

I really do believe that English language training can lead to a groundbreaking change in how an individual or a business navigates and operates in today’s interconnected globalized world.

Some interesting facts about me:

  • Born in the EU
  • Live + Study + Work + Reside in the UK since 2004
  • BA from Middlesex University in London and Edinburgh, UK
  • Other UK university studies: Business Management (BA), Systems Thinking (MSc)
  • Completed 100s of courses and read well over 300 books on the topics that I teach
  • I am a friendly, responsible, calm, reliable, sensible, flexible, and positive person
  • Hobbies and Interests: reading, hiking, yoga, gym, swimming, life-long education, films, travel, love, food, entrepreneurship, teaching and training, business consulting, planning, strategy, and more.

Please feel free to contact me regarding any TEFL inquiries.
I am looking forward to hearing from you soon so that we can discuss your personal or business English language training needs.

Best regards,
Your tutor Juraj ‘George’

My TEFL certification and letters of recommendation:

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My Love of Travel and of the Outdoors

Proficiency in the English language opens up the whole world to you. And there is so much to see..